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Paul Cross

Marketing Operations Officer, Renewables & Environment

Hi, I'm Paul Cross. My goal and passion is to make a difference within the Agricultural Environment , to create a life of significance for myself & others.

Paul Cross's Bio:

Paul Cross. My goal is to focus on Modern Agriculture. Nutrient Recovery and Environmental Stewardship to nutrient overloading, leaching and off gassing of spent shavings, compost and manures. Equine Dairy Hog. All manures are not created equal. Developing people, organizations and products that are built upon a strong foundational structure, clear brand identity and use interactive media awareness to make themselves great. A solid background in environmentally sustainable industries. Including Agriculture. Ag-technology. Clean tech and Waste management. Green infrastructure and Automation.


Paul N Cross has developed an extensive track record in the emerging venture capital areas of digital communication, clean tech, and Agricultural technology management.

A native of Great Britain, Paul Cross started his career in Canada in 1999 in Mobile Communications. In the mid 2000’s, he started and formed several companies in the digital communications industries including an innovative company that integrates all forms of digital communications under one cloud solution. 

For the past seven years, Paul N Cross has focused on developing and exploring clean tech global technologies. His latest venture in agricultural nutrition, and natural animal health solutions, brings financial sustainability to the dairy and equine industry by providing viable new revenue streams through recycle, recover and reuse animal bedding, composting, and nutrient recovery to reduce leaching, off gassing and methane production.

Paul N Cross has a solid background in corporate start ups, due diligence marketing strategies, and in growing companies and solutions with a focus on defining operational structure, rebranding identity and product development to a successful launch.

Paul Cross's Specialties:
Redefining corporate identity, brand & facilitating change. Building partnership and licensing agreements. Structuring and fulfilling management operations and product development.

Paul Cross's Experience:

  • Managing partner at IR1 Corp.

    An integrated digital marketing agency operating 3 media platforms: online, social and mobile. Each platform has a number of channels and tools that provide marketing and advertising solutions for business. Through training, seminars and one one meetings IR1 has established itself as the authority in Relevant Interactive Media with a large content centre and tool centre we can take any company and give their customers a WOW experience. Using tools such as Search, Sites, Apps, Loyalty programs and Interactive Wi-Fi. The trend is for large media companies who operate traditional media platforms (TV, radio, publishing and out-of-home) to make investments in digital media platforms. The have done investment rounds in "online" over the past 10 years.... lately in "social" media...."mobile" is next. IR1 brings together the tools required to provide SME with an interactive marketing plan & Advertisers to get their message out on this new media platform.

  • General Manager at GreenScene AgriTek Inc.

    GreenScene Agritek Inc. has created a sustainable initiative to combat two major global problems in the equestrian industry: the decreasing availability of good quality bedding material and the increasing cost of waste disposal. GreenScene is currently focused on developing and exporting this green technology around the world. GreenScene brings financial sustainability to the equine industry by providing the horse farms, equestrian centers and racetrack owners with a viable new revenue stream. The mission of GreenScene is to confront the most pressing challenges facing the Equestrian Industry today. One of the most glaring is the high costs of bedding and disposal, it is both an environmental and economical impact on the industry. Our goal is to promote the advantages of sustainable solutions to these challenges, including the reclaiming and reuse of waste bedding for horses.

  • Director at Lightman Inside - Media Exposure

    Lightman Inside Connect ~ Focusing on Modern Agriculture. Strategically planning companies, enhanced products and divisions in 3 steps: Structure, Identity, and Awareness. Our unique proprietary process creates a clear path from inception (corporate structure) product management (identity) and operations marketing (brand exposure) A solid focus based on environmentally sustainable industries. Agriculture and technology. Including Green infrastructure building, automation technology. Clean tech and Waste management. Our core strength is to take an invested interest in a company to deliver the results required. Our clients are well funded start-ups, business owners buying young companies, or seasoned companies looking to bring a new project or brand to market.

  • President & CEO at OYCO

    A patented solution to integrate all forms of communications under one web based desktop with an emphasis of Sports and keeping a fan for life

  • Senior Account Manager at Telus Mobility

    Telus corporate under Clearwest Solutions, Access Wireless and Clearnet

  • Agricultural Division Manager at Trident Proceses Inc.

    Trident Processes LLC is one of the leading providers of nutrient and bedding recovery in the world. We develop custom solutions and turnkey systems for animal bedding and manure. More recently focusing on municipalities with wastewater and sludge treatment as well as biosolids dewatering. Our core competencies in particular are in the municipal, industrial and agriculture sectors. Whether starting from the beginning developing an innovative overall solution or developing a solution that will work better within an already existing process, Trident has helped many customers across the globe and is regarded as one of the leading resources for biosolids dewatering and nutrient recovery solutions.

Paul Cross's Education:

  • London College of Fashion

  • College of the Distributive Trades

Paul Cross's Interests & Activities:

Business start ups, biking, family, & biblical values. Redefining corporate identity, brand & facilitating change. Building partnership and licensing agreements. Structuring and fulfilling management operations and product development.

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